What We Do

What We Do

Financial Literacy Group is changing the narrative on financial wellness, by providing hybrid financial arbitrage solutions that will help you create a healthy, long term financial future.  An optimized personal financial position.

Hybrid Arbitrage is a type of Banking solution that deals with secured and unsecured debt. This solution is a unique combination of GPS debt technology and a special kind of liquid index universal life insurance, POLI (Private Owned Life Insurance), a type of BOLI for any American adults, family or businesses. Early debt payoff, interest elimination and turning liabilities into income and wealth. This has never been done before.

  1. Accelerated Debt Payment: The technology acts like a GPS, directing funds in the most efficient way to pay off debts earlier than the standard term. It can reduce the interest paid and help users to become debt-free more quickly. This is akin to the snowball or avalanche methods of paying off debt, but it's driven by AI and algorithms. The technology integrates with the IUL, enhancing the policy’s characteristics based on the changes of the IRS codes 7702 and 101a in the Cares Act 2020.
  2. Using Index Universal Life Insurance (IUL) for Banking Purposes: This is an advanced financial strategy that goes much further than the "Infinite Banking Concept" or "Bank on Yourself." With an IUL, there's potential to earn tax free interest based on index market performance without the risk of losing principal. Furthermore, policyholders can borrow against their IUL cash value, effectively "banking" with their policy. The idea is that instead of paying interest to a bank, lender or even the life insurance company, they're not paying back the loan, they are paying off debt in record time, overfunding the IUL with the policy owners liabilities and theoretically earning the interest on themselves.
  3. Tax Advantages: One of the key benefits of an IUL is its tax-advantaged growth. Earnings within this policy are not taxable. Furthermore, loans against the policy typically aren't considered taxable income.

We are on a mission to help America close its wealth gap.

Hybrid Arbitrage

We practice Hybrid Arbitrage, which is Banking Like a Bank it is a solution that is a unique combination of GPS debt technology and a special kind of liquid index universal life insurance, POLI (Private Owned Life Insurance), the kind that banks use. This type of BOLI can be used by any American adult, family and business owner. Hybrid Arbitrage turns BYOB or any other type of banking solution previously used, on its head.

The goal is not to use a whole life insurance policy, the goal is to strategically optimize your pay off using technology, eliminate up to 75% of the interest, while paying off your debt or mortgage in less than half the time. Rather than using a HELOC or a Savings account, using the Index Universal Life Insurance policy allows you to make money on your early mortgage or debt pay off. Your money never leaves the IUL, you earn interest on your liabilities for the rest of your life, you also become your own bank and you make the interest on your own future loans and never pay them back. You bank like a bank and equalize the financial playing field. This has never been done before.

Turn Liabilities Into Generational Wealth

We turn debt and liabilities into income and generational wealth. We deliver education, debt management, mortgage elimination, interest cancellation through our algorithm based GPS debt mapping technology. 

Combined our unique liquid asset based insurance products and strategic debt payoff creates financial arbitrage, that allows our clients to bank like the banks do. Our clients do not pay high interest, they make money on their interest.

It is a fact that everybody on the planet one day will have his or her own bank, will have their own bank account and will earn interest on their debt, for life.

Hybrid Financial Arbitrage - Two IRS codes 7702 & 101a passed by congress in the Cares Act 2020 allows, every person in the country to establish their own personal bank. Combined with a GPS debt mapping technology that has already helped middle class Americans payoff $2.4 billion in principal debt, every individual, family or business owner can to turn their debt and liabilities into capital, income and wealth.

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Hybrid Financial Wellness Solutions

Our solutions equalize the financial playing field between middle class Americans and financial institutions. We teach adults who live on Main Street how to manage their finances like people who work on Wall Street, one individual, one family or one small business owner at a time.

Aren’t you frustrated with all the conflicting advice you hear? And don’t get us started on all these gurus. We’re here to re-frame the discussion, helping you rethink how you think about money.

What are you doing to take control of your money? This is your opportunity to learn about managing your paycheck, saving money for the future, getting out of debt, and investing wisely.

Did you know that over 50% of America’s population is carrying unnecessary debt? We know how stressful it can be to look at your finances, that credit card debt, loans and mortgages can be an undue burden on your finances, and we want to help you get rid of them.

Like you, we’ve grown tired of the ever-changing landscape in the financial industry. We seek a return to a simpler time where folks knowledgeable in finance provided a service for a nominal fee respectful of our privacy and focused on our needs.

Money can be a stressful topic.  We’re here to make it easier on you, from paying off debt to saving for retirement. 

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Financial Literacy - Part Of Financial Wellness

At Financial Literacy Group, we make sure you’re prepared to take full advantage of the resources around you. When you use financial products, it's good to know how they work.

We want everyone to experience the financial freedom they desire. We believe that everyone should be able to budget, save money, and plan for the future. 

Cash flow planning is the heart of financial literacy. Knowing your expenses, income, and liquidity can open doors to opportunities you may not have thought possible.

We advocate not locking up your savings in a vault and forgetting it, but making your money work for you and banking like a bank.

We believe that everyone should be aware of their financial standing. By offering flexible tools to help you track your spending and net worth, we empower you to take control of your finances and realize your financial goals.

We are committed to educating you on all your financial options so you can make the best possible choices for your future. Our courses are designed to help you become a money master, no matter where you are on your financial journey.

We have developed a system that teaches people how to manage their money. Our books have changed lives around the world.

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Let Us Help You Secure Your Financial Future Today

We’re a group of professionals who want to help you master your finances. Our mission is to give everyone the means to build a better future, and we’re on a mission to do just that. 

At Financial Literacy Group, we believe in doing things right. We aim to give financial advice everyone can trust, so you have the information you need to make your financial decisions.

We know that you’re busy. But, our goal is to help you stay on top of your portfolio so you can focus on the things you love, like family or travel or whatever brings you happiness

We understand that credit card debt, loans and mortgages can be an undue burden on your finances, and we want to help you get rid of them. 

We’re here to help you understand your options and make the best decisions for your future. We’re going to help you make sense of the dizzying number of options out there and come up with a plan that puts you on solid financial footing.

We give our clients access to the tools to budget, save money, get out of debt, and plan their future. This means that they can enjoy financial freedom, whatever their social class.

We provide resources for our clients, and we help hundreds of thousands of savers enjoy tax-free growth with flexible access to their funds. We can help you too.