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We provide Financial Wellbeing, which means we optimized our clients personal financial position. We are on a mission to help America close it's wealth gap. Our solutions equalize the financial playing field between middle class Americans and financial institutions. We teach adults who live on Main Street how to manage their finances like people who work on Wall Street, one individual, one family or one small business owner at a time. Our clients learn to Bank Like a Bank.

Our New eBook "The Real World Guide to Lifetime Retirement Income for Working Class Americans" Dropping on 2/14/24! Audio, Paperback, PDF and Link.

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3 Powerful Interest Elimination Strategies

In order to level the financial playing field, to close the wealth gap, we are providing resources and tools to help individuals optimize their financial position. Hybrid Arbitrage is developed because of the 2020 Cares Act & congress' passing IRS codes 7702 and 101a, it is a combination of technology and duplicating what the banks are already doing.

  • Tuition Strategy

    No Cost
    • Pay Existing Student Debt Early
    • Prepare For Tuition Without Student Loans
    • Eliminate up to 75% of Interest
    • Turn Liabilities into Income & Wealth
    • No Change to Budget, Lifestyle or Cashflow
    • No Refinance, Modification, Consolidation
    • Bank Like a Bank
    • University Tuition - Coaching Session
  • Mortgage Strategy

    No Cost
    • Pay Mortgage in as Little as 5-7 Years
    • Payoff Debt & Liabilities Early
    • Eliminate up to 75% of Interest
    • Turn Liabilities into Income & Wealth
    • No Change to Budget, Lifestyle or Cashflow
    • No Refinance, Modification, Consolidation
    • Bank Like a Bank
    • Payoff Mortgage Early - Coaching Session
  • Wealth Gap Strategy

    No Cost
    • Get Prepared to Buy a Home
    • Pay All Interest Bearing Debt Early
    • Eliminate up to 75% of Interest
    • Turn Liabilities into Income & Wealth
    • No Change to Budget, Lifestyle or Cashflow
    • No Refinance, Modification, Consolidation
    • Bank Like a Bank
    • Community Empowerment - Coaching Session

Financial Wellness Hotline - 877-PAID-ZIP

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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is a term that encompasses a "holistic approach" to improving your financial wellbeing, the optimization of your financial position

Financial Literacy

We Deliver Financial Literacy, Through Personal Finance ELearning Courses Developed By Our Research Team The Finance Literacy Institute, And Based On Our Text Book “How Money Works”.

Banking Arbitrage

The Go Debt Free App guides you to pay off your 30 year mortgage in as little as 5 to 7 years. You can then spend that same money another 5 times. From mortgage debt to wealth.

Debt Arbitrage

Technology that shows you how to payoff all kinds of debt; credit cards, residential and commercial mortgages, auto, equity, personal, student, equipment and business loans.

Mortgage Arbitrage

Turn Your mortgage debt into wealth. Become your on bank, move from a recourse position to a non-recourse position. You can use debt to fund your retirement.

Wealth Arbitrage

Are you late getting ready for retirement? Want to strengthen your retirement cash flow? Then you'll want to see our 15 year retirement plan and build your future.

Retirement Arbitrage

We provide retirement planning and wealth building through our unique liquid asset based universal index insurance products and mortgage arbitrage,

Healthcare Arbitrage

Matches contributions up to $30,000, no age limit, no underwriter, no expiration. Can be used for any Medical service, Ambulance Services, Labs, Dentists, Orthodontists, Chiropractors, etc.

Credit Arbitrage

Overcome the financial obstacles in your way with an industry-leading suite of solutions. Our Services and Products, Validation, Assumption, Arbitration, Settlement, Federal Tax Relief, Financial Protection.

Forex Hedge Funds

Forex trading funds have very experienced traders analyzing the market through multiple variables, for short and long-term decisions. The average crypto fund returned more than 128% in 2020, compared to 30% in 2019.

Smarter Search

Vertically integrated outpatient facilities for blood work, imaging, surgery, and urgent care charge more, than independently owned facilities, to provide the same level of care.

Crypto Courses

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is a new technology whereby users interact as peers with algorithms or smart contracts rather than through traditional intermediaries such as banks, brokerages or insurance companies.

Our Core Team

We Are Making Financial Wellness a Movement! Financial wellness is a state of being in which an individual has control over their financial decisions and is able to manage their financial resources effectively. To make financial wellness a movement, it will require efforts to raise awareness about the importance of financial wellness and provide resources as well as the tools to help individuals achieve it.

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Ron Harris, FLGPE

CEO, MBA, Solutions Developer & Author

Ron Harris, has over 20 years’ experience researching, developing integrated sales & marketing solutions for startups, SMEs, & corporations like, Union Bank of CA, Prudential, KCBS, KCAL, KTLA, FatBurger, the Dial Corporation, Sunkist, MSE, ILG & DocuWise. Research, that has now yielded the country's most powerful personal banking tools.

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Samuel Sims, FLGPE

CFO, Business Loans & Fund Raising Educator

Sam, as a SBA processing Loan Officer, over 10,000 EIDL applications were processed for approval, decline or referred for reconsideration. Member of the special Congressional Inquiry Team responsible for full review & decision of applications for borrower’s requesting Congressional requests from both House & Senate inquiries.

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Ian Ejan, FLGPE

VP, Property, Mortgage, Equity Specialist

Ian Joseph Ejan is a highly experienced mortgage lender with over 27 years of experience in the industry. Since 1994, he has helped thousands of individuals realize the American dream of owning a home. Ian is committed to educating his clients on the importance of sound financial planning, and he works tirelessly to find the best financing options to meet their goals.

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Aaron Ennis, FLGPE

Secretary, Director of Marketing

Aaron Ennis, a business consultant, who specializes in corporate training, & public speaking. Aaron, a visionary who loves business & having the power to change lives. 5 years, Ennis has been owner & CEO of a Business Consulting Firm offering Digital Marketing, & Customized Business Services Worldwide.

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Mike Amos, FLGPE

VP, Financial Monetary & Market Analyst

Mike is a former stock and commodity broker as well as hedge fund manager dealing mostly in option strategies in futures markets. Mike sees innovation as the best way to unlock value in markets & the digital environment is continuing to create more innovative solutions than any time in human history.

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Darryl Elliot, FLGPE

VP, Organizational Developer & Coach

Darryl Elliot, is a dynamic leader, & executive coach. With over 30+ years in key leadership roles his leadership & management skills include strategic planning, organizational development, along with managing multiple projects. Darryl has held positions with Verizon, Wesco & other Fortune 500 Companies.

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