Your Debt Free Analysis is Scheduled

Your Debt Free Analysis is Scheduled

Thank you so much for booking your debt free session, you should have received your ZOOM conference invite.  I am excited to have you scheduled for your Debt Free session with me, I will demonstrate  the Money Max Account for your personal Debt Elimination program.


1. Please download a short one-page worksheet here Analysis Worksheet (924 downloads) to assist us in precisely seeing the positive impact the program can have for you.

2. Please watch the 2 videos at the bottom of this page.  Links below.

The PDF cab be fill out on your computer, printed, saved or can printed first and then fill it out by hand. Be very specific in the numbers (current balance, interest rate, etc.) for the mortgage, loans, revolving credit (credit cards) and income so that we can customize the savings report for you. You don’t need to send this to me, just have it with you during our meeting so we can input the correct numbers.

In the last of the PDF section (Monthly Expenses, Discretionary Income), the easiest way to complete this section is to determine an average amount of discretionary money that you have left over after the month is complete (no need to list every expense). This means after your bills, day to day expenses, fun, entertainment, etc. Of course this number will change each month due to “life” situations, so just determine an average per month for our meeting.

I look forward to our meeting at the appointed time and allowing you to develop your financial snapshot so that we can determine your calculated debt free date and the savings this will provide for you.

Please watch the videos below before our meeting