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Community Empowerment Strategy Instructions

It’s 2023 and time for big ideas. Do you think Economic Community Empowerment is a big idea? We are looking to give you and your community one of the most exciting and satisfying gifts we can give – in fact, we guarantee that you and your community will love it!

You've Taken the First Step Towards Financial Wellness.

Thank you so much for enrolling in our Financial Wellness Employee Benefit Program.

How This Financial Wellness Benefit works?
You and your family get “How Money Works” eLearning courses, 1 hours of financial coaching per month, access to all content and tools, monthly newsletter, a full financial analysis.

This is a work at your own pace financial wellness program, however it is our job to promote your participation and increase your engagement. We are your personal financial team, this program is a part of your life for as long as you want our services, and we follow you wherever you go.

If you have urgent needs we will accommodate them, if your need is guidance we are available when you need us and if your goals are long term or more complicated, we connect you to advisers, analysts, and investment brokers.

As part of your program we provide a complete financial analysis.
The first thing we need to do is get a financial snapshot of where you are currently. Our initial plan of action will be to look at you your debt to determine if we can help you eliminate interest payments.

Please watch the videos on pages listed below and then book your free analysis.

What Should You Do First?
Bookmark this page!  Though you will receive a welcome email, instruction emails, next step videos, you can contact us and we will be contacting you personally, this page is good for reference.

What Should You Do Second?
The 2nd thing you should do is solicit engagement from the your whole family, make personal finance a family project.  Make sure all members of your family are enrolled in the program, individually, this allows them to work at their own pace. Its never too late for you to learn how money works and its never to early teach your children.

What's Next - Prosperity Program?
Get Started with your program.

Community Empowerment Strategy Instructions

Download Your Community Empowerment Strategy eBook  (Here)

Read about the Community Empowerment Retirement Strategy  (Here)

Take the Community Empowerment Strategy Survey (Here)

Enroll in the Personal Finance eLearning Course Part One (Here)

Enroll in the Personal Finance eLearning Course Part Two (Here)

Learn How To Pay Existing Bank Loans (Here)

Read how to become Your Own Community Bank (Here)

How Raise Funds in the Community Empowerment Strategy (Here)

A Safe Way To Get Into Crypto in the Community (Here)

Download  & Fill Out The Worksheet For Your Analysis FLG Analysis Worksheet (1725 downloads )

Download Multiple if Needed.

Send The Worksheet For Your Analysis to (info@financialliteracy.group)

Receive Text Regarding Your Analysis Results

Book Your First Coaching Appointment (Here)

Receive Quarterly Financial Report 3 Months After Strategy Enrollment.

Contact Customer Service 323-419-1600 or info@financialliteracy.group

Customer Service Hours 8:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Standard Time

Thank you for your Order of Our Outstanding Strategy.