Digital Insurance Jobs

Digital Insurance Jobs

Insurance Jobs - We are disrupting the largest industry in the world, financial services and we’re doing it the same way that Uber disrupted the taxi industry. 

In this new work from home era digital insurance jobs are now one of the top career choices for those who want a 6 figure income. Working from home reduces waste, drive time, fuel, vehicle depreciation, the cost of missed appointments and it expands your geographical territory. If you use all the digital tools at your disposal you can use that extra time to create your own sales funnel, drive your own leads, while building a digital team.

The Financial Services industry was already in a slow movement towards virtual operation, but the covid-19 crisis has forced all of us to adjust the new “Work From Home reality. We, however, have been preparing for this change for over 6 years and during this new reality we have increased our growth and created the best insurance jobs for agents.

It is no longer possible to sell life insurance face to face and the workplace or the way we did business in the past is not coming back.  Many companies were caught off guard, as “Work From Home” suddenly became the new way to do business in our industry.  

Were you ready?  Was the organization where your work, ready?

Insurance Jobs

Digital Insurance Jobs - Integrated Digital Platform

In order to thrive in this new remote insurance workplace, you need more than a system thrown together in the last minute. It needs to do more than allow you to conference with prospects, provide quotes and complete e-apps. 

You need a complete digital solution that allows you to transform your business into a virtual one, an integrated system that allows you to grow your business online.  A system that helps you expand your geography, maximize your products or carriers, automate your online marketing, create traffic, leads, sales funnels, generate calls, send follow up, engage prospects, track your sales pipelines, set appointments or tasks, recruit, submit business, administer and build your team.  

As part of our strategy we have divided the US geographically into 9 regions, each region averaging 6 states and we are looking for one agent/manager in each region. As a regional manager you will sell in all of the six states in your region, you will get licensed in each state as you write policies in those states and we will provide 2-10 exclusive live leads per day in your region at the lowest cost in the industry, an average of $36 each. Your start up cost is minimal $250-$300, and once you are signed, approved, trained, contracted, appointed and ready to sell, we will make the leads available to you and your team. 

After you’ve settled into this new way of doing business we will launch digital marketing campaigns in your region, we will recruit more agents in your region and we will provide you the opportunity to recruit agents for yourself. We will also show how to use the huge array of marketing tools, so that you can generate your own leads and never depend on buying leads again. 

Why are We Different

FLG is a group of successful marketing professionals who have become insurance agents and financial professionals. We are dedicated to your rapid and sustained growth. Ron Harris, the CEO of Financial Literacy Group LLC, owned and operated a multi-million-dollar marketing company for over 12 years and I have been selling life insurance for over 6 years.

We’ve developed a sales and marketing plan that gives you the ability to work from home or anywhere you would like and you will represent 200 major carriers. Our platform is an innovative sales and marketing solution that includes, email automation, content marketing (post and Articles), social media marketing, local marketing, free ebooks, SEO, videos, posts all driving leads to your sales funnel.  

To make sure you’re making money out of the gate, we will provide access to exclusive live leads, and we all know that leads are the lifeblood of insurance sales. The live leads are real prospects looking for your products and services, though you will have access to top quality leads we want you to continue to bring in clients the way you have always done so.  We offer advancement, unlimited compensation through commission, the resources to get you to six figures and the ability to build a business if desired to seven figures.

Insurance Jobs

Our Approach

Our approach, insurance distribution is totally different from the way you have sold in the past, in fact we do not sell life insurance, we offer our clients financial literacy and that leads us to sales.  Financial Literacy Group has taken the most innovative virtual sales, marketing and recruiting tools created by companies like Virtual Financial the world's first DMO, and combined them with our digital marketing tools. We’ve also added our expertise in sales and marketing, and built a seamless digital solution for our financial services team.

As the anchor to our client sales we are backed by an Amazon top selling book “How Money Works” which was released at the end of 2019.  It is a book that is on its way to a million copies sold, the authors (Tom Matthews and Steve Seibold) are part of our team, they are highly sought after, they were featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNBC leading up to the crisis. Regional Managers will be listed on our website as a HowMoneyWorks Educator and we will push business your way, as part of the book promotion and because your success and growth is our success.

Insurance Jobs

Target Market

Our target market is the newly unemployed who are coming back into the workforce, the recently self-employed, all of those small business owners who have lost their businesses, professionals looking for real careers. the many people who have lost their retirement in 401Ks, health insurance and the , and the financially illiterate. 

FLG will be launching a series of national financial literacy campaigns over the next year targeting specific groups of people.  

If you are interested in an exciting career with Financial Literacy Group,  please click here to watch our platform videos.  You must watch the videos before setting up your interview, an appointment link is on every page of our website, and start your journey to prosperity in one of the insurance jobs in the country.