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Agent/Educator Startup - Sales Training

Are you a life insurance agent who needs to find more clients? Have you found it more difficult to attract the right kind of prospect in this new digital world? 

Now you are ready to hear the hard truth.

My name is Ron Harris. I've been a Top Producing Insurance agent since 2010, my production has been at least $1 million every year and it will double in the next 2 years.

I was born in Los Angeles, CA and I currently live in Santa Monica. I earned my MBA at the University of Essex in Colchester, England where I lived for 6 years.

Shortly after graduating, I started a marketing company “Global Branding Group“, and over 14 years I grew it to $5 million dollars in annual revenue.

We served clients such as Union Bank of CA, Prudential, Quest Communications, KCBS, KCAL, KTLA, FatBurger, the Dial Corporation, Sunkist, the Hollywood Bowl, the county of LA and a host of small and medium businesses. We also worked with many celebrities.

I’m not a genius, though I am very good at sales and branding. When it comes to marketing I’ve been around the block, my strategy is to try many types of campaigns on a small scale and to go bigger with the ones that yield results.

A Strategy of Disruption

First of all we are totally digital, which allows us to work in all 50 states.

Our strategy is we are not marketing life insurance, we ways marketing ways to solving common financial problems using the products that we sell. So, if your products are a partial fix then you should support your solution by partnering with companies who offer products or services that cover the gaps. You need a complete solution that not only delivers but surpasses the prospects expectations.

Example our debt to wealth solution actually does what it says. It’s perfect for people burdened by debt, people who want to get to equity ASAP and leverage that equity for stress relief, wealth or retirement. That includes Gen-Z, Millennials, Gen-X and baby boomers.

Our GPS debt payoff mapping technology guides consumers to eliminate a mortgage and interest in record time. They save as much as 80% on interest and get to equity much faster. We educate them on the power of software based algorithms, becoming their own bank, and using liquid asset based insurance products with Non Recourse Lending Terms.

The technology analyzes, monitors, guides, advises, forecasts, connects to 13,000 banks and keeps the books. The data output from the technology is used to maximize IUL characteristics, allowing the policy holder to bank like a bank. Supercharged by the 2020 Cares Act, the IUL becomes a non recourse high yield, tax free asset based insurance money warehouse that delivers whole life benefits, gap protection and risk free wealth accumulation.

For those who are behind on saving for retirement, we offer the largest Banking Incentive program of our time, a 15 year retirement plan that helps them catch up. The service plan provides chronic and terminal contingency support while protecting the money warehouse.

This is now all possible because of the Cares Act, IRS Code 7702 & 101a.

This is a turnkey solution. The technology creates the fastest mathematical route to debt freedom. The debt funds the client’s bank, they get to spend that same money they used to pay off their debt early, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times or more with no penalty, no surrender charge, no taxes and no risks.

Since people book appointments with us because they want to pay off mortgages, loans and credit cards, the financial GPS technology is our door opener and it produces a better life insurance client.

BTW, in the last year I personally paid off $88,000 of mortgage principal, while increasing my wealth by 20%.

Over the last 2 years clients that found us on social media have brought to the table $190,000,000 in debt and in just the last year alone we’ve helped them pay off $10.1 million of it. 

A Turnkey Solutions

Financial Wellness Strategy

Our strategy is making our clients Financially Well which means client is one that has their personal finances optimized in the present and for the future.

Financial Literacy Group has developed a financial wellness as an employees as a employee benefit solution called Betterment Inc. This strategy puts us in position to offer our solution to employers and the employees. Financial wellness is a opportunity that has become very important in todays workplace environment, as it helps employers reduce employee stress, absenteeism, improves health, productivity, morale and productivity. It also increases employee retention and allows small businesses to compete with large companies in attracting top talent, which need more than ever after the great resignation. This also allows us to work with or recruit benefit brokers, PEO and group insurance agents, as our solutions allow them to enhanced their offerings, with any threat.

States are now beginning to mandate that even small companies must offer retirement programs offer their employees. State plans include 401Ks, these program are expensive for small companies to administer and our solution our performs those plans. Our solution can be implemented at no cost to the employer, in fact our solution save them money. An article written in the last week of December states that more working class people have set a New Year's resolution to get in better financial shape than losing weight. We have created a sales funnel for this opportunity. Click Here

Minority Market Strategy

Financial Literacy Group is a certified minority business enterprise (MBE), per the Southern California Minority Business Development Council (SCMBDC) as of October, 2021. This means we also have access to the entire country through the 22 other councils and the national council. This gives access to over 12,000 minority businesses and over 4,000 corporation that are part of the council (NMSDC). It also gives us an advantage all the other minority own businesses across the US.

We are looking for independent life insurance agencies to represent us in all 50 states,  As part of this effort we have written an eBook and created a sales funnel titled "Economic Community Development. Click Here

The strategy here is helping America close its wealth gap, using these financial wellness solutions to help equalize the playing field between working class Americans, the wealthy and the financial institutions.

Old Strategies

Old sales strategies don’t work in this new digital environment.

Telemarketing doesn’t work anymore. Caller ID warns consumers who's calling and people don’t answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize. 

Direct mail is old school. Everyone now does business online, paying bills, buying products and services, we even do our banking online and the mail is saturated with junk.

Email Marketing? With spamming, phishing and privacy issues, people don’t open emails from strangers, especially if there is an attachment, we’re all trying to avoid viruses.

Cold Calling Consumers is like looking for a needle in a haystack. What we get is a lot of dial tones, voice mails and doors slammed in our face.

Buying leads is a thing of the past, chances are those leads have been sold to multiple agents, exclusive leads cost too much, and you don’t know what was said to the prospect to get to connect.

What Works?

So what works? What does a successful insurance sales and marketing strategy look like?

  1. A solution solves common problems of your target audience
  2. An online persona that matches the strategy & solution
  3. A message that points out the pain of these issues
  4. A message describes your solution & its Benefits
  5. Market yourself as an expert on the pain and solutions
  6. Market yourself as the best source for information 
  7. Market yourself the best way to get started
  8. Make yourself available and easy to connect with.

Billions of people get their news from social media. Where do you think they look to get ideas that will help them solve their issues? 

If you deliver the right problem solving message, and target the right audience, they will come to you by the thousands every month.

Most consumers however, don’t want to talk about life insurance until they need it. Example, if you are speaking to 100 people in a room and you ask them who needs life insurance, maybe 2 or 3 will respond and 90 or so will move away from you. But, if you ask those same 100 people who would like to pay their credit card debt fast, get rid of student loans or pay off their mortgages early, while saving thousands of dollars on interest? 70 to 80% will want to know how they can do this. Americans have over $14 trillion in debt, that is a warm market.

But, you don’t want to do the advertising yourself, you don’t have the time to do this work, your time is too valuable. You need to work with a social media professional and pay them to educate your prospects online and guide them to your calendar. 

You need to be talking to a minimum of 10 warm prospects per week, not building funnels, campaigns or trying to find new prospects. If you do this right, it doesn’t really matter how much you spend to get appointments with prospects hoping you can solve their problems. 

Digital Marketing - Prospecting

So why do most insurance agents fail? Because most insurance agencies are hoping that you, the agent, turn your friends and family into prospects. The strategy industry adopted on Feb 10, 1977, the start date of Primerica. You are paper thrown on the wall.

Once you’ve exhausted your warm market, they don't really care what happens to you, you are on your own and NFL, No Friends Left. Agencies get sales from agents' spheres of influence and agents come and go. 

This is why statistics show 50% of all insurance agents have left the industry in the last decade. 

Agencies must market the benefits of their solutions and agents must market themselves as the best source for those solutions. This is the way Coca Cola did it on TV in the 20th century. I often ask business owners the question; What kind of company is Coca Cola? 95% say, a beverage company. The truth is Coca Cola is a Marketing company with a recipe, all work and sales are done by bottling companies at the local level.

As far as Leads

Our social media campaigns generate appointments per week for 50 agents, we are able to increase to enough leads for 300 and exclusive social media leads start as low as $22 each.


When prospecting to your sphere of influence, your contacts or recruiting we arm each agent with their own personalized, professionally designed sales funnels that use eBooks written by Ron Harris and lead magnets. Once a prospect or recruit downloads the eBook, the funnel continues to follow up with the contact or recruit either sets an appointment or ops out.

Below are the funnel links for prospecting:

1. Pay Mortgage Early

2. Free ERTC Guide

3. Financial Wellness as Employee Benefit

4. Economic Community Empowerment

5. Insurance Agents Recruiting Campaign

6. Mortgage Broker Recruiting Funnel

Real Estate Agents Recruiting Campaign

We have also written and produced 15-20 videos that explain what we do and how each solution works.

Client Demographics and Recruiting Targets

  • People Ages 35 to 60
  • Just Got Married
  • Just Had a Baby
  • Income $55K - $140K
  • Unemployed People
  • Self Employed
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Salespeople
  • Marketing And Sales 
  • Owned A Restaurant
  • Uber Drivers 
  • Lyft Drivers
  • Looking For Franchises
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Frontier Communications Salespeople
  • Solar Salespeople
  • Solar City Salespeople
  • Mortgages Sales
  • Health Insurance Agents 
  • Healthmarkets Insurance Agents
  • Gerber Insurance Agents, 
  • Final Expense Insurance Agents
  • Funeral Home Salespeople
  • Retail Salespeople
  • Remodeling Salespeople
  • Pharmaceutical Salespeople
  • Insurance Agents
  • Medicare Insurance Agents
  • Long Term Care Insurance Agents
  • Group Insurance Agents
  • Women and Minorities
  • Millennial
  • Generation-Xers
  • Baby Boomers
  • Employee Benefits Agents
  • Supplemental Insurance Agents
  • Aflac Insurance Agents
  • Afortus Insurance Agents
  • Symmetry Financial Agents
  • Health Insurance Agents
  • Alb Insurance Agents
  • Premier Marketing  Pre Need Agents
  • Auto Salespeople
  • Advertising Salespeople
  • Business Development 
  • Merchant  Credit Card Salespeople
  • Knife Salespeople
  • Jewelry Salespeople
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Sales Representatives

Getting Started - Compensation

So How Do You Get Started with us

  • In order to offer the GPS Debt payoff mapping Technology in all 50 states, you’ll need to get contracted with the developer, who charges $149 for the license.
  • You will need Microsoft office and zoom conferencing
  • You need our proprietary indexing arbitrage demo Software and it is $225 per year.
  • Must be able to contract with the carriers NLG/LSW, Silac. F&G Life and Occidental.

When it comes to Training

We hold a Sales Training, Monday - Friday at 8:00 am Central Time and a Marketing meeting on Saturdays at 3:00 pm Central.

Once a month we hold a 3-4 day elite sales training course that’s onsite and virtual.

Compensation - all contracts are directly with the carriers and you’re vested on day one.

  • The liquid No surrender charge Index Universal Life contract, pays a 90% commission on the target premium, plus 1.5% of the excess the clients put through the IUL..
  • The Service Package with Occidental Life is a 10 year 80% - 20 year 100% contract.
  • The pure no fee SILAC Index Annuity pays between 6%-8.5%
  • The algorithm based GPS Debt payoff mapping Technology pays between $900-$1400 per client, overrides range from $75 to $150 and there’s an equity share program in place.

The average earned income per client for an agent selling our package is $11,000. We are creating millionaires by helping people retire with wealth dignity.

Personal Marketing Startup Instructions

Startup - Things you should while you are training. Solutions that have a cost are optional, however we advise that you use them to maximize your exposure and lead generation.  This is your business.

I.  Sign Up for Debt to Wealth Technology

II. Setup your appointment calendar, Literacy Group, Calendly or ScheduleOnce.

III. Create a Conference Platform with Zoom, Free Conference Call, or one of your choice and master it.

IV. Sign up for a SkillShare account (Get 2 months Free) Cost $99 per year

  • Take the Patrick Dang Course (2.5 hours) LinkedIn Marketing, Lead Generation & B2B Sales for LinkedIn for Entrepreneurship, Startups Business
  • Afterwards we will speak about content as it pertains to us.

V. Change your LinkedIn profile to to match your brand and financial educator identity, you will also learn this in SkillShare training below

VI. Create your Business Page on LinkedIn.

VII. Change your Facebook profile to to match your brand and financial educator identity, you will also learn this in SkillShare training below.

  • Facebook for Small Business - Essential Training

VIII. Create your Business Page on FaceBook.

IX. Learn to drive 100s leads for yourself and your business on LinkedIn with LinkedHelper (2 Hours).  

  • Our linked bot  Cost $99 per year - Free 14 day trial
  • The Patrick Dang course and this program will change the way you look at LinkedIn.  This is a digital marketing robot that will save you hours and get you high exposure on LinkedIn.  Please use the the speed that replicates a human as must as you can. This is also a confidential solution please do not share it with people outside of you business.

X. Register to do Business with government agencies

  • Cities, Counties and States - There will be a lot of budget reshuffling and spending changes get alerts for RFQs

XI. Exclusive Leads & Appointments

  • Debt & Mortgage Elimination Leads $22

XII.  Read the book or listen to it on Audible (Better) "Outwitting the Devil" by Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill wrote this book in 1938, just after publication of his all-time bestseller, Think and Grow Rich. This powerful tale was never been published, considered too controversial by his family and friends.  The book was not published until 2011.  It is a must read.

Repeat and grow the numbers.